Sparto Wine Holder

Measurements: Lx B: 25.5 x 7,5 cm
Weight: + 900 gram

With uniquely braided artwork, this leather wine holder encases your choice of a 375 ml bottle of Sparto wine. Your company’s name can be imprinted on the inside of the tube holder.

Authentic Contemporary

Measurements in cm: L x B x H = 11 x 4,5 x 14
Weight: ± 210 gram

This unique gift for your business relations includes three different 50 ml bottles of wine from soRena’s assortment set into a box made from your choice of tropical Surinamese wood (Cedar, Wana, Kopi, etc.)

Accessory box in black leather

3 piece
Black leather box with stainless steel wine opener: uncorking a wine in style is an elegant way to enjoyment.

Wine box with wine accessories

1 bottle – 4 piece

Hinged wooden box

Measurements: 340 x 95 x 95 mm

Your choice of wine in a 750 ml wine bottle placed inside a hinged box. You can be sure of your recipient’s satisfaction and appreciation when giving this package.

Deluxe wooden tube with silver accents

Deluxe wooden tube with silver accents holds one (1) 750 ml wine bottle of your choice: ideal as gift for business partners and valued customers.

Sparto Wall Decoration

Measurements: L x B

A 50 ml Sparto wine of your choice set into a wooden wall decoration.

Sparto “Collection”

Measurements: L x B x H= 18×4,5×14
Weight: + 220 gram

This distinctive wooden rack, built using various Surinamese woods, contains a bottle (50 ml) of each of the wines in soRena’s permanent line.