About Us



 To be the quality market leader in the area of tropical “no alcohol added, non-grape-based” gourmet wines and related products in the USA and Holland markets by 2018.

To penetrate the export market (USA and Holland) with our tropical “no alcohol added, non-grape-based” gourmet wines and related products.
The final product is always a unique product that incorporates a bit of SURINAME in one form or another.

To improve the quality of various aspects in production so that waste is reduced from 5% to 1% within a 2 year period.

To produce in accordance with ISO22000 principles and under hygienic circumstances for the producer, the employee as well as the client, making production more efficient and maintaining contamination occurrences to a consistent 0%.


Betsy & Henry Rhenardus-Comvalius

Henry Corneille Jean Phillippe Rhenardus founded the winery as a one-man business in 1942. The “Sparto” brand dates back to 1942. The winery was created during World War ll. During this period, Suriname was devoid of imported goods and the export of goods was also dangerous because every boat crossing the ocean could be torpedoed. In those days, wine was consumed by the numerous friars living in Suriname.

Seizing upon a good opportunity, Henry decided to specialize in making non-grape-based wines. After all, grapes did not grow in Suriname. People had to make do with products that grew here. He founded his winery behind his house on Hofstraat #32A and received the wooden oak barrels in which wine had previously been imported from the church.

The church was also his first client. All of the duties involved in winemaking were done by the entire family on the Hofstraat. A true family business that also exported to Guyana.
Unfortunately, during the mass migration out of Suriname in the 1970’s, a large part of the younger generation also left the country.


Yvonne en Runi van Niel-Renardus

The winery was passed on to the youngest daughter, Yvonne Ilse Renardus in 1987.

During this very difficult period, she took the winery over together with her husband Runi van Niel, and kept it running with almost no available employees and a poor economy that plagued the country.








Steven & Marjorie Renardus-Tajib

In 2000, Steven & Marjorie took over the helm and changed the one-man business “Renardus” into soRena’s Winery n.v., a winery specialized in tropical non-grape-based wines. This distinguishes our wines, as they are made from everything except for grapes. Although this tradition has been rooted in Suriname for more than 70 years, non-grape-based winemaking is now becoming trendy throughout the world.

Ginger, Aubergine, Passion, Aphromed and Orange belong to our permanent line. In addition, a seasonal batch is created annually. These small batches are created for a particular year and may be purchased in their entirety.

These batches are always from a Surinamese fruit other than those in our permanent line.
Our wines are available at: liquor stores, well-stocked supermarkets, drugstores, Johan Adolf Pengel airport, tourist shops and at the winery itself.


So-Jen & Megin Renardus 
Befitting to the family tradition, the winery is the first visit for every new member of the family. Each newborn is welcomed with a drop of Sparto wine to their tongue.

So-Jen & Megin Renardus have not only received this drop of wine, but also the lifestyle and knowledge that belong to running a winery. Winemaking has been literally spoon-fed to them!