Wine Tastings

The winery produces tropical wines from fruits, vegetables, spices and roots in the traditional but above all hygienic manner. The fruits are grown on the Rust & Werk plantation–a plantation with an authentic Surinamese history.

Wine tastings can be reserved and organized for a group of between 4 and 10 people.

Upon arrival, you receive a welcome drink. You are then brought through the history of the winery. Afterwards, 3 different wines are presented for tasting, each with an accompanying appetizer. A wine cocktail completes the event and you then have the opportunity to purchase wines, wine gifts and wine related items.

For reservations:
• Telephone: : 597 559030
• Per email :

>> Agriculture Fair: April 19 through 22, 2012
>> Business Fair: November 21 through 27, 2012

Business Fair

Date: November 21 through 27, 2012
Location: KKF fairgrounds

Agriculture Fair

Date: April 19 through 22, 2012
Location: KKF fairgrounds